Articulated Awning

One of the most preferred models among the awning models is articulated awning systems. It is used in homes, offices and gardens without any problems. Since it has opened arms, namely joints, it is called articulated awning. It can be turned on and off automatically by remote control as well as it can be used manually. It is also easily managed remotely thanks to its motorized mechanism.

Having been used quality materials in its production, Articulated awning systems are long lasting. Since it is applied with a compact design, it adds elegance to the spaces. Its arms are easily adjusted up to 45 degrees. Its size and dimensions vary in accordance with your request and it is adjusted according to the area you will use. Optionally, the front profile of the articulated awnings is used with or without fringe. Articulated awning, which has a rich colour content, can be produced with colours that will be suitable for your pleasure.

Since it has a articulation function, it has the feature of opening and closing very easily. It has the ability to move back and forward even in narrow manoeuvring environments. It is adjusted to use in all seasons. Articulated awning prices vary depending on the fabric type and apparatus used in production.


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