Double-sided Awning

Double-sided Awnings are also called T module awning. They are used as double-sided openable version of articulated awning systems. It can be used as one-sided preferably as well as using of double-sided. It has been seen that double-sided awnings are mostly used for large gardens. It is ideal for large areas as the product has the ability to open smoothly on both sides. It is possible to use the double-sided awning systems as you wish, in other words both mobile and stationary. It can be moved easily because it has a wheeled leg section. It can be used both automatically and manually.

Its structure made of steel construction is extremely durable. It is used for shading and protection at wide angles. It is produced in a motorized and mechanized manner and therefore it can be used without any problem in every field. The supporting steel construction coating of the double-sided awning is made with galvanized and electronic paint.

Usage Areas of Double-sided Awning                        

Double-sided awnings are systems designed to be used in open and wide areas. When we look at more preferred places, it is preferred to use it in sections such as garden, restaurant, restaurant and pavement. Quality fabric types are used in awning systems in order not to deteriorate the image quality. In this way, it does not reveal situations such as unwanted sagging and deterioration. T module awnings, the dimensions of which vary, are produced in accordance with the dimensions of the area to be applied. Since it is extremely easy to install, there is no difficulty in installation stage.

Double-sided Awning Price

In addition to its portable production, it has a structure that can be used in different ways. It provides advantage in the field where it is used due to its double-sided openable feature. T module awning systems are used to give the elegant image to your place in the fastest way that you want. Double-sided Awning Prices have a more economical price compared to rail awning and TSPQ awning prices.


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