Guillotine Glass Systems

Guillotine Glass Systems, also known as movable handrail system, are designed in a structure that can be opened and closed by moving vertically. Guillotine glass system, which is an ideal product for cafe, restaurant and similar areas, consists of two panels. In the system, which can be used as fixed or movable preferably, the second panel remains mobile while the first panel remains stable. Optionally, it can be used with remote control. In guillotine glasses, single or heat resistant glass systems can be used. It is a system that provides utmost convenience in terms of safety, comfort and air conditioning in the areas where it is used.

There are many types of guillotine glass systems. According to preference, you can use them with 2, 3 and 4 panel in your living spaces without any problem. In addition, there are various types of this system that have different structures such as remote control, motorized, chained and movable handrail.


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