Pergola Tent Systems

Pergola Tent Systems

Pergola Awning with 3 open facades, a facade of which are attached to the building on which it was mounted and which has been built by closing the beams connected horizontally on the upright columns, adapts to any environment with its special electrostatic aluminum color. Thanks to its membrane featured fabric, it is a quality and stylish product that can be used in 4 seasons by providing cool environments in the summer and hot environments in winter. Pergola awning, which means canopy and fringe, are stylish designs that can be adjusted for any season and cover the upper part of open spaces.

Pergola awning systems are used to cover twisted, horizontal and roof shaped spaces. Pergola awning, which can be used easily for outdoors, has a ceiling with a openable and closeable feature. In addition, thanks to its waterproof quality fabric, it can be used in rainy weather without any problems. Optionally, the surround of pergola awnings should be covered with glass. The product, which has been produced by considering the weather conditions, is used without any problem in every season. Pergola awning is used in almost every conceivable area such as offices, houses, terraces, gardens and shopping malls. Pergola awning, which can be used easily in all outdoor areas, is easily managed by remote control thanks to its motorized mechanism.

As Kısmet Pergola, we make the most correct application by considering the architectural project where the pergola awning systems will be used and by making many calculations, including static, from the seasonal conditions of the region where the construction will be carried out to the load to be lifted by the material. In order to use Pergola systems for many years, we give service with an experienced and well-trained team who are aware of the importance of production quality, correct planning and solid assembly.

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