In Europe, the umbrella is called “umbros”, in other words “canopy”. It is a product used for protection from bad weather conditions. Although the umbrellas have wide usage areas, it is seen that umbrellas are used mostly by business places. Business places such as restaurants, beaches and cafes create comfortable spaces for their customers with their oversized umbrella models.

Large sized umbrellas that help protect you from sun rays in summer and rain water in winter have started to be used in places such as houses, cafes, poolside and gardens due to the need. They are resistant to external factors due to the use of quality fabric technology in umbrella productions. Thus, they can be used easily against the sun in summer and against bad weather in winter.

Local acrylic fabric or imported fabric is used in the umbrellas.  They have a heavy table body to protect itself against wind. They can be produced in different colors and designs.


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