Wintent Awning

Wintent awning is a shading system with aesthetic feature. It is frequently used due to its wide usage area. It is used by transforming into need to create shade or give a stylish appearance in open areas. Wintent awning systems take place among the products used both for individual and commercial purposes.

Since the inner parts and fabric of the product are resistant, it does not cause deterioration even in difficult weather conditions. Wintent awning, which is very durable thanks to its waterproof imported fabric, has special handles to help the fabric to look more stretched. It is an effortless product since its seasonal maintenance needs are performed rarely. Wintent awnings have ability to move between 0 and 180 degrees. It is a system that its handles can be used a flat or foldable manner without any problem.

The use of Wintent awnings is extremely practical. Motorized and manual options are available. Thanks to the remote control system, it can be opened and closed very easily without difficulty. It can be produced in any desired size and color.


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