Wintery Transparent Coating              

Transparent Coating, which is used to protect from the cold weather in the winter, helps you to get rid of the stress and anxiety of the place. Wintery transparent coatings create a pleasant relief in the environment in which it is used. Wintery transparent coating products are one of the best solutions to brighten your environment. Iron is used to perform the wintery transparent coatings. Each iron works independently from other. Thus, it has the feature of opening and closing very easily when desired. In the upper part, there are scolette buckles. Thus, it helps to keep the upper part stable. Thanks to its resistant structure against weather conditions, it contributes to protect your environment without any problem. It helps to prevent spaces from adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind.

Why Wintery Transparent Coating should be used?

It is an alternative solution for us because the glass systems are expensive. Wintery transparent coatings are more economical than glass systems. Even in very cold weather conditions, it does not cause any problems for you such as breakage and cracking. The product has a clear appearance and has a foldable structure. There are types such as motorized gathering system, roller gathering system and manual gathering system.

Since its installation is extremely simple, it can be applied very easily. It is also not difficult to clean. When your transparent wintery coatings get dirty, you can easily clean them. Wintery Transparent Coating systems show variability in their prices depending on the model you will buy. However, transparent coatings gathered by hand are sold at a more affordable price than the motorized winter transparent coating system.


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